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Nelle Peterson (1906-1966) Christmas card collection: R

The Art Library’s Original Christmas Card collection began in 1967 when Margaret Bridwell purchased at auction 550 cards collected by Louisville artist Nelle Peterson. Most of the cards were made by local artists.

R - Rat

Rahnfeld, Arthur
Rahnfeld Family
Randall, Dr. & Mrs.
Rannels, Edward W.
Rash, Edward

Rau - Ric

Rauh, Netty
Raymer, Michael
Raymond, Glenn
Reichle, Leona
Renschler, Bill
Rice, Kim
Richardson, Frances Siminoff

Rid - Rz

Ridgeway, Irene
Riebel, Ray C
Rodriguez, Carlos
Roszell, Steve
Ryberg, Ted

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