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Nelle Peterson (1906-1966) Christmas card collection: P

The Art Library’s Original Christmas Card collection began in 1967 when Margaret Bridwell purchased at auction 550 cards collected by Louisville artist Nelle Peterson. Most of the cards were made by local artists.

P - Pd

Pace, Tony
Page, Marian
Parker, Joyce Wiseman
Parker, Margie
Parrent, Jim
Parrot, Ted, Pam and Kama
Parsley, Jaque
Patterson, Helen
Patton, Ollie
Payne, Jensene

Pea - Pn

Pearsau, Pinky and Bob
Pearson, Paul
Peck, Robert
Peng, Shih-Yo
Perleberg-Owen, Patti
Pero, Rose
Person, Eleanor and Frank
Peterson, Nelle
Pettus, Shirley Gill
Pfannerstill, Tom

Po - Pz

Pope, Richard
Porter, Larry
Porter, Pat Hambaugh
Porter, William
Pozzatti, Rudy
Price, Charlotte
Price, Marilyn
Price, Martha
Pring, Elizabeth Lee
Pringle, Laura Geo.
Pross, Lester F
Purdy, Robert

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