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Nelle Peterson (1906-1966) Christmas card collection: L

The Art Library’s Original Christmas Card collection began in 1967 when Margaret Bridwell purchased at auction 550 cards collected by Louisville artist Nelle Peterson. Most of the cards were made by local artists.

La - Ld

Lai, Delin
Landen, Barbara Guthridge
Lampton, Nancy
Lancaster, Clay
Lang, Helen
Lansdell, Sarah
Lauritzen, Fred
Lavrans of Gethseman


Leech, Hilton
Lehmann-Haupt, I.
Leonard, Tom and Toni
Lesch, Alma
Letzler, Bergman S.
Levine, Phoebe Moore
Levy, Bette


Limoges, Anna
Lindsay, Anne
Linn, Bruce
Lively, Tim
Livingston, Fran and Jim
Logan, Margaret
Lowe, Jim

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