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Productive Researcher: Home

Advanced research tips and tools for graduate students and faculty. Looking for more basic research help? Check out Research DIY.

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Literature Searching

Strategies for a focused, comprehensive, and efficient literature search.
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Cited Reference Searching

Quickly find sources that have cited a previously published work.
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Finding Dissertations & Theses

Locate dissertations and theses relevant to your research.
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Researching with Google Scholar

Get the most out of Google Scholar’s useful tools for finishing up your lit review.
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Planning & Sustaining Your Dissertation / Thesis

Tips for creating and maintaining momentum in your writing process.
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Writing a Literature Review

Learn common writing conventions for literature reviews and strategies for organizing and synthesizing sources.
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Finding a Journal to Publish In

Identify journals in your field and determine their potential for publishing your research.
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Understanding Metrics/Altmetrics

Learn how to find author and journal metrics like h-index and impact factor and get started using alternative metrics.
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Working with Reviewer Comments

Tips for interpreting and responding to reviewer and committee comments.
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Citation Management.
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Note Taking.
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Write Honey

Writing Productivity.
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Personal Dashboard.
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Citation Management.
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Managing Your Data

Learn about the data life cycle and get started with your data management plan.
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Books for Productive Researchers / Writers

Find books written for graduate students conducting research and writing dissertations and theses.
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Advice for Productive Researchers / Writers

Read blogs and join discussions for graduate researchers and writers.


Find upcoming professional development workshops and events offered through the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies.

SAGE Research Methods

Design your research project, identify appropriate research methods in your discipline, and plan your project all within this research resource.