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Researching with Google Scholar: Home

Six tools to improve your search in Google Scholar Library

Links: Google Scholar provides access to a multitude of scholarly article abstracts, but you may be asked to pay for the full-text. The Library Links feature allows you to link Google Scholar with the University of Louisville Library. You'll automatically see a Findit@UofL link next to results where you can access the entire article through the library’s subscription. Advanced Search: The three line icon to the left of the search box will bring up a list with the Advanced Search option. The Advanced Search feature of Google Scholar allows you to limit your results by title, author, publication field, and date. Related Articles: Found an article that helps answer your research question? Click the ‘Related Articles’ link to generate a new result list made up of scholarly resources similar to your original article. Cited By: Under each result is displayed the number of times a specific article has been cited by others. Clicking the 'Cited by' link generates a results list of articles that cite the original article. You can then search within the citing articles list or narrow your results by date. Import to Endnote: Google Scholar allows you to select a preferred citation format and add EndNote as your Bibliography Manager. Once added, you can select the EndNote import link and save citations in EndNote one article at a time. My Library: The My Library feature allows you to save articles to read later. Once you have saved an article using the star icon, you can add labels and organize your articles by topic or research theme.