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An overview of resources that may be useful to individuals who choose to represent themselves in legal matters.

Law Library Services

We are unable to provide legal advice or assistance at the Law Library. This means we are often unable to answer basic legal questions, which you may be surprised to find qualify as "legal advice." Librarians can provide research assistance, however, and you are welcome to use books, databases, and other resources in the library to research your legal rights or prepare for a case.

Jefferson County Public Law Library

Members of the public may wish to visit the Jefferson County Public Law Library located in downtown Louisville. This library is open on weekdays and is conveniently located opposite the courthouse.

Preparing for Court

Being well prepared for court is important, but please be aware that the court experience will be different in every state. The basic advice in the links below is useful, but is NOT always about Kentucky courts.

Finding a Lawyer

We are unable to recommend a specific lawyer, but there are several referral services available. We recommend contacting a lawyer for advice on any legal question. If you want to speak to a lawyer, but do not know where to begin, please see the links below to lawyer referral services.

If you are concerned about the cost of consulting with a lawyer, remember that you can always ask the attorney how much a service will cost. You may be able to find a lawyer who offers an initial consultation for free, and some lawyers may do selected work for no up-front cost if payment is through a "contingency fee." It is important to remember that the final cost of working with a lawyer will vary depending on the details of your case.

Legal Aid & Legal Clinics

Organizations like legal aid societies and legal clinics provide some legal services for people who cannot afford to pay a lawyer. See the links below to find out more about legal aid societies across Kentucky.

Legal clinics are often associated with Universities. Some clinics take referrals from local Legal Aid Societies, while others allow individuals to contact them directly. The Brandeis School of Law operates the Robert and Sue Ellen Ackerson Law Clinic in downtown Louisville. This clinic represents clients in Emergency Protective Order hearings, divorce actions, and housing cases. Most clients are referred from the Legal Aid Society of Louisville (see link below), but the clinic also accepts referrals from other agencies. There is no charge for services performed through the Clinic, if you qualify for it’s services. To contact the clinic directly, call 502-852-6556.