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Federal Law: Courts & Cases

US Federal case law & courts

Federal Court System

The Federal court system is composed of 94 district courts along with other trial courts, 12 courts of appeal, and a single supreme court. The U.S. Supreme Court can overturn statutes determined to conflict with the Constitution. When looking for U.S. Supreme Court cases bear in mind that slip opinions will often appear online within minutes. The United States Reports are the official reporter of the U.S. Supreme Court, but its publication is very delayed, so commercial titles may be more useful.

Supreme Court


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Jost on Justice : Supreme Court blog

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Federal Case Law


When citing cases, ensure you follow standard citation practice, such as that outlined in The Bluebook.

Case citations are normally formatted: Party Names, Vol# Abbreviation Page# (jurisdiction. year).

Reporters in Print

Reporters - Print Holdings
Reporters Date
Atlantic Reporter 2013
Bankruptcy Reporter 2013
California Reporter 2013
Education 2013
Federal Rules Decisions Current
Federal Reporter 2016
Federal Supplement 2016
North Eastern Reporter 2013
North Western Reporter 2013
New York Supplement 2013
Pacific Reporter 2013
Supreme Court Reporter Current
South Eastern Reporter 2013
Southern Reporter 2013
South Western Reporter Current
United States Reports Current

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