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Kornhauser Health Sciences Library

Library Services: Computers

Find information about library services like printing, circulation, and study spaces.

Public Computers

Kornhauser Health Sciences Library offers all students, faculty, and staff access to a variety of high-end technology, including modern Windows-based PCs and Macintosh workstations. All that is required to log into any of our Workstations is a valid ULink ID and password. Our workstations come complete with Microsoft Office, high speed Internet, and other useful software.

The Library also circulates high end laptops, once again containing useful software suites and internet access. Cables are available to check out which allow nearly any device to pair with our large screen TVs in our new study rooms. Apple devices can connect wirelessly to various study room TVs using AppleTV. Windows and Android devices can wirelessly connect to our 65" Samsung TVs, and HDMI cables can be checked out at the circulation desk.

Kornhauser Computer Lab