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PSYC 414: Goal Setting & Behavioral Change: Research Exercise

Research your own Topic

Respond to the following questions
Document your search strategy for locating this information—what features of the database were helpful to you? Write down your keywords throughout and document which ones helped you more in your literature search. 
  1. Locate a relevant article that can provide a rationale for why your behavior needs to be modified & write down its information. 

    • How did you identify the article’s relevance to providing a rationale for this behavior modification project? 

  2. Locate a relevant article that highlights an intervention that is applicable to this behavior modification project & write down its information.

    • How did you identify the relevance of this intervention for this behavior modification project? Why do you think this intervention is applicable? 

  3. Write down 1-2 challenges you had in searching for relevant and applicable literature.