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PSYC 414: Goal Setting & Behavioral Change: Home

How this Guide is Organized

The purpose of this guide is to bring together myriad databases across multiple research guides given the fact that some of your topics span from health concern to financial concerns. The guide will help you locate relevant and applicable scholarly literature for your project. Databases from Psychology, Business, to Medicine will provide you with scholarly literature that will help you form your rationale for your self-management behavior change project. 

The guide is organized according to the groups Professor Barbara Stetson created according to students' research interests.


Recommended Journals

The following is a list of journals recommended for use by Professor Stetson. These journals may contain applied behavior analyses, which are case studies that reflect behavior modification in some way. 

Refer to the Journal Finder box located below this one to locate these specific journals to search within them. This is a great way to find high-caliber research to cite in your behavior modification project. Be sure to keep in mind, however, relevance to your topic and the applicability of the information.

Behavior Modification

Behaviour Research and Therapy

Behavior Therapy 

Cognitive and Behavioral Practice

The Cognitive Behavior Therapist

Journal of Applied Behavioral Analysis

The Behavior Analyst

European Journal of Behavioral Analysis 

Behavioral Analysis in Practice

Jouranal of Experimental Analysis of Behavior

Find Journals by Title or ISSN

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Medicine & Health

Helpful for all groups 


Potentially of interest for the Saving Money & Time Management groups