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Native American Heritage Month: Home

A virtual display with suggested readings and films available at Ekstrom for celebrating Native American Heritage Month

native american heritage monthArtwork created by Melissa Rothman with Adobe Illustrator


November is Native American Heritage Month and to celebrate the long history of  Indigenous people and communities, we have compiled a collection of books, films, and resources for exploring the rich culture, unique traditions, and ongoing contributions of Native Americans.

BBC My World

Anti-Racism Resources

Check out our resources for promoting anti-racism on campus and in our communities.

Webpage  - Diversity and Inclusion


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Land Acknowledgement and Resources on Indigenous Louisville and Kentucky

The Thomas R. Watson Conference in Rhetoric and Composition takes place in Louisville, Kentucky, the ancestral homeland of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee, the Osage Nation, and the Shawnee (including the Absentee-Shawnee Tribe, the Eastern Shawnee Tribe, and the Shawnee Tribe). Kentucky itself is currently home to tens of thousands of Indigenous people. 

Because the past and present experiences of the Indigenous peoples of this region cannot, and should not, be quickly summarized, we encourage all who visit this page to learn about these histories and to take action to support Indigenous communities.

You can find these resources here.