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Ekstrom Library

Native American Heritage Month: Books

A virtual display with suggested readings and films available at Ekstrom for celebrating Native American Heritage Month

FictionBanners created by Melissa Rothman with Adobe Illustrator

Cover Art - title in front of painting of a desert
Cover Art - title in front of a lake
Cover Art - title in front of abstract art
Cover Art - There There and feathers
Cover Art - Ceremony native american face
Cover Art - The Only Good Indians photo of antlers
title in front of a buffalo
title in front of oil drills
person yelling
footprints and shoes
cowboys and Indian toys
title in front of abstract art
Women on the Run


berries in the shape of a heart
kid on a pony
woman looking out a window
photo of joy harlow
native american emblem
The Turquoise Ledge


abstract art
abstract art
native americans in a circle
abstract art
abstract art
native american face
abstract silhouette
title in the shape of a cross
America the Beautiful


desert above the american flag
sketching of wilderness
British soldiers on horses
sketching of native americans
men under a noose
painting of colonists and native americans
butterflies and barbed wire
title only
united states and blood drops
cave drawings
red letter x
tower in the sunset
two historical figures
sketch of native americans

Ebooks Banner


native american sitting
people and canoes
george washington with native americans
native american symbols
charcoal silhouette
native americans holding a u.s. flag
children in front of u.s. flag
painting of people and nature

Children's Books

native american celebration
three kids facing a bear
man and child looking at a lake
girl holding a feather
girl running through a field
native american women and dancer
kids marching with flags
racoon behind a stump
a boy in front of two girl's faces
women in native american garb
snake slithering next to a woman
girl with braids