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English 105 (McDonald): Articles

Working with Scholarly Sources


Discussion Questions

  1. What is the article about? What questions does it address?
  2. How can you tell this is a "scholarly" source? List as many scholarly qualities or characteristics as you can.
  3. Do some research on the Journal of Youth Studies. Who publishes it? What topics does the journal cover? Does it seem like a credible source?
  4. What do you notice about the organizational structure of the article? Why is it organized this way?

Scholarly Article Resources

Search Activity

  1. Choose a subculture of interest.
  2. Brainstorm 2-4 research questions related to that subculture (preferably open-ended questions).
  3. Choose an Any Topic database and a subject-specific database.
  4. In each database, find 1 scholarly article that relates in some way to your research questions (2 articles total). Add the citation information for the articles to the class workspace


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