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Ekstrom Library

COMM 111/112 Library Session: Group 2

Group 2 Questions

Read over the following article individually. Then, as a group, respond to the questions.

Holm, Barbara. “Social Anxiety and the Internet.” The Blog. Huffington Post. 7 Feb. 2013. Web.

  1. What are the key issues being addressed in the blog post? What seems to be the central argument or conclusion?

  2. What kind of evidence or data does the author use to support her claims? Does the evidence seem credible? Why or why not?

  3. According to Holm, “[a] study in Southern Communication Journal said that people with social anxiety are more attracted to compulsive Internet use than people without social anxiety.” How would you go about verifying this claim? Can you find the study or any additional information about it using Google?

  4. Look up information about the author on The Huffington Post and/or on Google. What did you find out about her? How would you evaluate her credibility or level of expertise in relation to the subject matter?

  5. Summarize your overall evaluation of this source in the context of your research on online communication and emotion. What are its strengths? What are its limitations?

  6. Use the Library Catalog on the library’s homepage ( to find a book or article that might help you explore some aspect of Holm’s blog post in more depth. Write down the title and author of the source and explain why it seems relevant. How might the source you found in the library catalog speak to issues raised in Holm’s article?