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English 105 Boehm: Photo Resources

This guide will help you conduct online research for first-person narratives as part of your English 105 course.

Photo Resources

Photo Searching Tips

While it's easy to search Google Images or similar websites for images, keep in mind that it's important to know that the images you choose for research are genuine. Fake and manipulated images are common on the web, so consider these tips when searching.

  • When you locate an image you'd like to use, navigate to the original site and make sure that it's a trusted source. For historical photographs, look for images hosted by archives, libraries, museums, universities, and similar organizations. Credible newspapers and news websites are also good sources for photographs.
  • Be sure to note information about the image, such as the content of the image, the photographer, the location, etc. Not every photo will have complete standard citation information--for example, sometimes the photographer or the person in the image is unknown--but you should have enough information about the photo to know that it's genuine and to be able to create a citation.
  • The resources listed on this page contain photos and other images across a wide range of subjects. There are also numerous online archives that feature historical photos from specific time periods or about specific events. Try searching Google using your topic as a keyword, with additional words such as "photo archives" or "image collections." For example, the Google search Japanese internment camps image collection finds credible results from the Library of Congress, the New York Times, and Arizona State University, among others.


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