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This guide provides research support for BUS 301 students working on projects for Black Complex.

Black Complex

Black Complex. Do something Black today!

Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are  an emerging industry even more in demand due to the pandemic. Be sure to do some research about this industry as part of your project. Some of you will be doing a more in depth industry analysis, but you all want to be sure you can communicate what this industry is and how Black Complex fits into it.

Some keywords you may use to search:


coworking spaces

Black coworking spaces

Louisville coworking

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Black Entrepreneurship

Why do spaces like Black Complex need to exist? Be sure to do some research that addresses the why. You can find evidence that addresses systemic barriers to wealth, business success, and representation.

Some keywords you may use to search:

minorities in business

racial wealth gap

black business

diversity entrepreneurship

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Alexandra Howard

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Locating Evidence