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Ekstrom Library

Bioengineering 101


Discussion: Google v. Google Scholar v. Library Databases

Read this infographic about the differences between Google and library databases.

  • How are library databases different from Google? 
  • Have you ever used Google Scholar or a library database before? What was your experience? 
  • How do you think Google Scholar compares to a library database?

Practice Searching

For this practice search, explore the features in the database for your section. Really dig in to some of the search filters and information provided on an article page. 

You'll be asked to share a few things you learned about this database and questions you have about it. 

Choose any topic related to bioengineering that interests you.

If you're still not sure, try...

  • Wearable devices and biometrics
  • Drug delivery and nanoparticles
  • Cardiac tissue engineering and regeneration 

Activity: Scholarly and Non-scholarly Sources

Take about 5 minutes to browse each article. Don't worry about reading it word for word, just get a general sense for what it's about, how it was made, and why it was published. 

  • What do you consider when you evaluate an online source?
  • How would article #1 be helpful? Would you cite it in a paper?
  • How is article #2 different?
  • Which source would be considered scholarly? How do you know? 

End of Session