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ANTH 333: Globalizing Inequalities (Markowitz): Searching Exercise

Search Exercise Instructions

The following exercise should take approximately 20 minutes. Write down your responses however it works best for you - in a Word document that you can e-mail to yourself, in Google Drive, or in an e-mail to yourself - whatever works! The goal is that you leave today with at least one or two relevant sources for your research. 

We will be sharing some searches and sources at the end of class today, so be prepared to share!

Throughout today's exercise, check in with your partner to see if you all are encountering any barriers to your research so that you can help one another out. If you get stuck at any point, ask a librarian or your professor. Research is a collaborative process.

Search Exercise Questions

  1. With a partner, collaborate to come up with at least 5 keywords to search for each other's topics. (Google can help with this if you need it!)

  2. Using one of the databases listed on the Databases for Journal Articles tab, do some research using a combination of your keywords to locate a scholarly article relevant to your topic
    • In what database did you locate your article?
    • Provide the citation for your article so you can get back to it later. 

  3. With your partner, share the gist of one another's articles, and collaboratively come up with a 2-3 sentence statement as to why the article is relevant to your research.

  4. Go to Google and spend some time searching your topics to locate relevant government agencies, research institutes/organizations, or non-governmental organizations publishing information about your topic. List at least one here and discuss its credibility with your partner