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ANTH 333: Globalizing Inequalities (Markowitz): Evaluation Exercise


Smith, E., & Loker, W. (2012). "We Know Our Worth": Lessons from a Fair Trade Coffee Cooperative in Honduras. Human Organization, 71(1), 87-98. 


Read the following questions, and then read the abstract of the article and skim through the sub-headings to get an idea of what the article is about. Then, respond to the following questions with your group:

  1. What is the purpose of the article? What research question(s) is the author addressing? 
    1. In what part(s) of the article was this information located? 

  2. Is this a scholarly source? How did you determine whether or not it was scholarly? 

  3. What's the level of authority or credibility of the source? That is, how do you determine whether this source is "good" for our research? 

  4. Go to the bibliography of the article and locate some citations that contains references to research organizations or non-governmental organizations.
    1. What organizations can you find references to?
    2. How would you go about evaluating those organizations? What kinds of questions would you ask?