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ANTH 201 Article Activity (Noonan): Home

Library Session Activities

Activity #1: Evaluation 

Use the following linked article to respond to the following questions:

Migration as Hope: Space, Time, and Imagining the Future.

  1. What seems to be the main purpose of the article? 

  2. How can you tell that this is a scholarly article? List at least three specific features.

  3. How can you tell whether this is a journal in the field of cultural anthropology? Consider the evidence the authors use in their article and read the Description provided by the journal on its website. 

  4. If you were to search for more articles related to this topic, what keywords would you search? 

Activity #2: Searching

Pick a topic from the list of the possible topics on the screen and JSTOR or AnthroSource to locate a scholarly article on your topic. 

  1. What topic did you select? 

  2. Search your topic in either JSTOR or AnthroSource to find a peer-reviewed article in a cultural anthropology journal that helps you explore your topic. 

  3. Read the abstract of the article carefully. What issues or ideas does it discuss? What kind of evidence do they use?

  4. List two or three additional key words, topics, or concepts introduced in the article that could help you focus the topic of your annotated bibliography. 

  5. As you search, write down any challenges you face in using these databases.