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Marketing: Consumer Market Data

Consumer & Market Research

There are several resources that provide access to consumer demographic data and market information. It is important to be creative and flexible when searching for this data. Sometimes the exact data you are looking for has not yet been gathered. Utilize different resources to locate data and be prepared to extrapolate existing data to meet your needs. 

Often a Google search will lead researchers to expensive market reports. We are not able to purchase those reports. However, the library's resources can often lead researchers to the same types of information included in those market reports. If you need assistance with your research or have questions, please contact the Business Librarian. 

Demographic & Spending Data

The following resources will help you find consumer demographic, lifestyle and spending information.

GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer™

GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer™ includes product / service / brand usage data collected semi-annually from a national probability sample of 25,000+ households. Tables include a "total" column which provide demographic and media usage habits for households and heads of households.

Access to the data is limited to UofL faculty, staff, and students who hold valid UofL user accounts, agree to use the confidential and proprietary data solely for academic and research purposes, and accept MRI+'s other individual license terms. 

APA Citation Example for MRI University Reports:

MRI-Simmons. (2020, Spring). Diet Coke drank in last six months. [Base: Adults] [Data set].

Article Databases and Journals


Market Data

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