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MKT 441: Market Research: Home

Welcome to the MKT 441 Market Research Guide

This guide contains resources to assist students in their research projects for the MKT 441 Market Research course. Please explore the different tabs in the guide and contact the Business Librarian with any questions. 

Business & Entrepreneurship Librarian


Alexandra Howard

Business & Entrepreneurship Librarian

Ekstrom Library

Library Session Objectives

  • Discuss library resources for secondary research.
  • Conduct searches in consultation with your professor and the Business Librarian. 

Generating Keywords

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Write out your research question. For example: "How does exercise affect the mental health of college students?"
  2. Pull out the most important words from your research question. exercise, mental health, and college students.
  3. Think of synonyms for these keywords.  Exercise: workout, fitness. College students: university students, post-secondary students.
  4. Think of broader keywordsMental health: well-being. Broader keywords are helpful if you aren't getting enough results.
  5. Think of narrower keywordsMental health: anxiety. Narrower keywords are helpful if you're getting too many results.
  6. Start searching a library database with your keywords. Remember to try out different keyword combinations to get the best search results.
  7. Collect additional keywords as you search.

For step-by-step guidance throughout the research process, visit Research DIY:

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