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GEOG 390: Geopolitics (Walker): News Exercise

Discussion Questions

Read the questions below and then skim through the Washington Post article. 

Respond to the following questions within your group workspace. In about 15 minutes, we will discuss as a class. 

  1. What questions would you ask to critique this article? Consider what you look for when you evaluate an information source.

    • Are there any questions you would ask differently about a news article that you may not ask of a scholarly journal article?

  2. How would you go about evaluating the evidence in the news article? 

  3. How would you go about identifying bias in the news article? Go through that process and discuss whether you notice any bias present. 

    • How would you identify bias in a scholarly journal article? 

  4. What's the level of authority or credibility of the source? That is, how do you determine whether this source is "good"?

  5. Take a look at the following infographic:

    • What do you think about this infographic? Does this resonate with your worldview of news? Why or why not? 

    • What are the implications for your research if this diagram is accurate?