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Assessment: Surveys & Research

Participate in Libraries Research

Interested in participating in Libraries research projects? Contact Anita Hall at and we will add you to our contact list. We will reach out via email when we are looking for feedback from people matching your profile. 

Just want to give us some quick feedback? The Libraries have a comment form that you can fill out any time!

Libraries Benchmark Survey

The Libraries Benchmark Survey is the primary way that we receive feedback about all University Libraries from the university community. This survey is typically administered every other year with the assistance of UofL's Office of Institutional Effectiveness. The next Benchmark Survey is scheduled for late February 2023. 

How do the Libraries use this feedback?

There are two main ways that the Libraries use the responses to the Benchmark Survey. The first is as part of the university's accreditation process. The second is for service improvements - we really do listen to your feedback and try to make changes based on the results. Some examples of changes based on previous Benchmark responses are the addition of electrical outlets in multiple libraries, physical space renovations in multiple libraries (most recently the Third Floor of Ekstrom), and changes to hours and programming. 

How can I participate in the Benchmark Survey?

The Benchmark survey is sent via UofL email to a random sample of students and faculty. If you receive an email invitation to participate, please click the link and share your feedback. These links are specially generated as part of the sampling, so please do not forward your invitation to others.

S4 Survey

The S4 (Student Support Services Survey) is a campus-wide survey administered to all students by UofL's Office of Institutional Effectiveness. The Libraries first participated in this survey in Fall 2020.

How do the Libraries use this feedback?

Information from the 2020 S4 will help inform our Instruction programs through our Research Assistance and Instruction department, as well as at each campus library. 

Reports and Insights:

Topical Surveys

The Libraries create surveys on specific topics as needed. Recent examples:

  • Archives & Special Collections Survey, Summer 2020. Sent to past visitors to ASC. 
  • Art Library Survey, Spring 2020. Sent to all students and faculty in the Hite Art Institute.

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