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Assessment: Statistics + Data

Infographic titled “Libraries Quick Facts: University Libraries Statistics & Data for the 2021-2022 Academic Year”. There are three columns with charts in each. The left column is titled “Services” and says “Our 40 librarians, 52 staff, and 60+ student assistants worked hard! Libraries faculty and staff led 345 instruction sessions. We filled a total of 12,698 Interlibrary Loan Requests. Across the University Libraries we answered 11,001 reference questions.” The center column is titled “Facilities” and says “There were 1,160,364 visits to campus libraries…and 10,857 room reservations were made.” The right column is titled “Collections” and says “A total of 55,907 items were check out during the year…from the 871, 244 unique physical titles in our holdings. The libraries subscribe to 397 databases. We have 8,8845 items in our ThinkIR repository.”


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