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Assessment: Libraries Student Advisory Board

Current Board Members


  • Cameron Armstrong

  • Eli Graft

  • Ashley Hamby

  • Claire Harmon

  • Jonah Hermes

  • Jaleia Marshall

  • Braeden Merriman

  • Kelsey Rexing

  • Isabel Rozema

  • Daniel Short

  • Calvin Silver

  • Valerie Tran

  • Nathaniel Vu

  • Zachary Wheeler

Libraries Representatives

Regular Attendees

  • Robert Fox
  • Anita Hall
  • Bruce Keisling
  • Alyse Giannotti

Facilitators Group

  • Fannie Cox
  • Carolyn Dowd
  • Matt Goldberg
  • Melissa Laning

About Us

The board was started in 2011 to help the libraries learn more about our users and our community to meet their evolving needs.  It also allows the libraries to explore effective and creative responses to our users' learning and research behaviors.

How Can I Join?

All currently enrolled students (graduate students, too!) are eligible to join. We'd love to hear from you, so come join the conversation!

Join us!

What's Involved?

We meet twice per semester with each meeting lasting around an hour - virtual participation is available as well. We ask each member to commit to participating in at least 2 meetings per year, attending one library event, and utilizing one library service that they wouldn't ordinarily use. On a monthly basis, members are asked to complete a brief survey or respond to email feedback.

Meeting Information

At our most recent meeting we discussed safety issues in the Libraries, and talked about the upcoming Libraries Benchmark Survey. In the past we've addressed things like increasing hours, availability of electrical outlets and quiet study spaces, and website updates.

Upcoming Meetings:

Monday, April 5, 2020 - 5:30-6:30pm, virtual

Past Meeting Agendas:

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