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Student Guide to the Art Library: Websites

Use this guide to learn about the Art Library and discover resources related to art history, studio art, and design.


Look beyond the Art Library's resources to find reputable websites that give you context and further information about your research topic.

Suggested websites include:

The 5 Ws

Approximately 380 new websites are created every minute! It’s important to evaluate websites before using their information. Use the 5 W's as an easy way to remember how to assess web resources:

Who: Does the author or publisher appear to have authority on this topic? Is it clear who developed the site or page? Is there contact information at all? Does the author have any credentials or evidence of personal experience or background in this topic? Is the author affiliated with a known, respectable institution?

What: Does the site claim to be selective or comprehensive? Are the topics explored in-depth? Compare the value of the site’s information to other similar sites. Do the links go to the outside rather than its own? Does the site provide information with no relevant outside links?

Where: Where did the information come from? Does the reading you have already done on the subject make the information appear accurate? Is the information comparable to other sites on the same topic? Are citations or a bibliography included? Was the information reviewed or refereed and, if so, by who?

When: When was this information created? Can you tell when the site was created or last updated? Are all the links current?

Why: Why does this site exist? Checking the domain of the site usually indicates its purpose. Does the content support the purpose of the site? Is the information geared towards a specific audience (students, scholars, general reader?) Does the information try to sway the audience? Be aware of sites that may contain bias or do not admit its bias freely.

Did you know Google has an advanced search? You can access this by clicking on "Settings" and then selecting "Advanced search" from the drop-down menu.

Google Advanced Search will allow you to narrow by website domain so you can filter out commercially/profit-driven websites. For example:

  • site: edu = educational websites
  • site: org = organizational websites