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Archives & Special Collections (ASC)

University of Louisville Reference Files: M


  • Mace (See also: Ceremonial Events)
  • Male High School--U of L Connection
  • Management Development, Center for (Business)
  • Management Information Systems
  • Maps
  • Marshino Medical Scholarship for Women
  • Mathematics Dept. (A&S)
  • McConnell Center of Political Leadership
  • McConnell-Chao Archives
  • Medical Record Librarians, School of
  • Medical School: Early (prior to 1920)
  • Medical School: 1920s
  • Medical School: 1930s
  • Medical School: 1940s
  • Medical School: 1950s
  • Medical School: 1960s
  • Medical School: 1970s
  • Medical School: 1980s
  • Medical School: 1990s
  • Medical School: 2000s-2010s
  • Medical School: General & Undated Material
  • Medical School: Hospital College of Med.
  • Medical School: Kentucky School of Medicine
  • Medical School: Louisville Medical College
  • Medical School: Louisville Medical Institute
  • Medical School: Photos
  • Medical School: Physicians
  • Memorials & Dedications
  • Merchandise
  • Metropolitan College (See also: UPS)
  • Metroversity, Kentuckiana: Prior to 1970
  • Metroversity, Kentuckiana: 1970s
  • Metroversity, Kentuckiana: 1980s
  • Metroversity, Kentuckiana: 1990s
  • Microbiology (Medical)
  • Minerva Award for Merit
  • Minerva Ventures
  • Minority Affairs (See also: Multicultural Academic Enrichment Programs)
  • Minority Association of Premedical Students
  • Mission Statement
  • Mock Political Conventions
  • Modern Language Assoc. of America
  • Modern Language Dept. (See: Classical/Modern Languages Dept)
  • Molecular Diversity & Drug Design, Institute for
  • Molecular Imaging Research Center (Brown Cancer Center)
  • "Mootz"
  • Mortar Board
  • Muhammad Ali Institute for Peace and Justice
  • Multicultural Academic Enrichment Programs (See also: Minority Affairs)
  • Multicultural Center (See also: Multi-Ethnic & Cross-Cultural Programs)
  • Multi-Ethnic and Cross-Cultural Programs (MC2) (See also: Multicultural Center)
  • Music, School of: Prior to 1940
  • Music, School of: 1940s
  • Music, School of: 1950s
  • Music, School of: 1960s
  • Music, School of: 1970s
  • Music, School of: 1980s
  • Music, School of: 1990s
  • Music, School of: 2000s-2010s
  • Music, School of: General
  • Music, School of: Unidentified Photos
  • Music History Department
  • Music Library
  • Music Therapy Program (Music)
  • Musical Programs: Prior to 1960
  • Musical Programs: 1960s
  • Musical Programs: 1970s
  • Musical Programs: 1980s
  • Musical Programs: 1990s
  • Musical Programs: 2000s-2010s
  • Muslims

For More Information

Reference files contain newspaper clippings, brochures, flyers, photographs, correspondence, and similar materials that are too small to constitute a collection on their own. Files vary considerably in size, from just a few newspaper clippings to several folders of clippings, letters, memos, photographs, etc. These files may all be accessed on-site in the Archives & Special Collections (ASC) research room. For information on visiting ASC, see our Planning a Visit page.

Questions? Contact the Archives by email, or by telephone (502-852-6752).

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