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University of Louisville Reference Files: D


  • Dames Club/Cardinal Dames (See also: Fans)
  • Dance Academy
  • Day Care Centers (See Also: Program of Professional Care) (See also: Early Learning Campus)
  • Dazzling Cardettes
  • Dean of Students
  • Debate Team
  • Dedications (See: Memorials and Dedications)
  • Degrees (Graduate)
  • Degrees and Certificates
  • Delphi Center for Teaching & Learning
  • Delta Pi (See: Beta Theta Pi)
  • Delta Tau Delta Fraternity
  • Delta Upsilon Fraternity
  • Delta Zeta Sorority
  • Democracy and Development, Institute for (Political Science)
  • Demonstrations: April 30 & May 1, 1969 Office Takeover (See also: Black Student Union)
  • Demonstrations: General
  • Demonstrations: Photos
  • Dentistry, School of: Prior to 1930
  • Dentistry, School of: 1930s
  • Dentistry, School of: 1940s
  • Dentistry, School of: 1950s
  • Dentistry, School of: 1960s
  • Dentistry, School of: 1970s
  • Dentistry, School of: 1980s
  • Dentistry, School of: 1990s
  • Dentistry, School of: 2000s
  • Dentistry, School of: 2010s
  • Dentistry, School of: General
  • Dentistry, School of: Photos
  • Depression Center (See also: Psychiatry)
  • Dermatology Department (Medical)
  • Desegregation (See also: Race)
  • Deterrence of Biowarfare & Bioterrorism, Center of (Public Health)
  • Development Program (See also: Fundraising)
  • Development Program Reports
  • Diener (See: Bequeathals)
  • Dining Services: General
  • Dining Services: Meal Plans
  • Diplomas and Certificates (See also: Degrees)
  • Disability
  • Disability Resource Center
  • Dissertations & Theses (See also: Graduate School)
  • Distance Education (See also: Kentucky Virtual University)
  • Distinguished Faculty Award (See: Distinguished Teaching/`Faculty Awards)
  • Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series
  • Distinguished Lecture Series
  • Distinguished Scholar Program
  • Distinguished Teaching/Faculty Award
  • Diversity (See also: Race)
  • Dogfog
  • Drugs

For More Information

Reference files contain newspaper clippings, brochures, flyers, photographs, correspondence, and similar materials that are too small to constitute a collection on their own. Files vary considerably in size, from just a few newspaper clippings to several folders of clippings, letters, memos, photographs, etc. These files may all be accessed on-site in the Archives & Special Collections (ASC) research room. For information on visiting ASC, see our Archives Users' Guide.

Questions? Contact the Archives by email, or by telephone (502-852-6752).