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SOC 454/691: Social Stratification (Gast): Social Movements & Public Policy

Information on this Page

While the other pages focus around source type (e.g. books, journals, and so on), this page is focused on a variety of resources that will introduce you to social movements and public policy efforts related class, gender, and race. 

This will include a sample of encyclopedias as well as reliable and relevant free web resources.

Databases for Public Policy Journal Articles & Reports

Government Resources

Research Institutes & Think Tanks

Think tanks are research groups that focus on public policy issues that employ academic and government experts to research on a range of topics to produce reports, journal articles, conference proceedings, and more on these issues. Sometimes non-partisan and non-profit, some research groups can be funded by government agencies, advocacy groups, and businesses. 

Here you'll see a couple of relevant examples as well as links to resources that will allow you to find numerous others. 

Reference Works

Both published in 2004, newer social movements or newer developments in older movements may not be included in these reference works. These are only a couple suggestions that will help you get started, as there are many more resources out there to research social movements and public policy.

Additional Information