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SOC 454/691: Social Stratification (Gast): Data & Statistics


Many of the numbers and tables you'll find from the resources here will relate back to the type of inequality you're looking at for this class (those being class, gender, and race).

You'll find some data here--that is, raw numbers gathered as a part of a study that is compiled into a dataset, but you'll mostly find statistics here--numbers likely in tables that tell you "how much" or "how many" which have already undergone some type of data analysis.


Location: Urban, Suburban, and Rural


Searching Google for Statistics

The list on this page is not comprehensive--there are many sites with credible, relevant statistics freely available on the Web for you to use. Of course, Google searches don't guarantee the information you find will be credible.

To help with this, search .gov sites for statistical information by doing a search like this:

google sample search

Combine terms that are relevant to your topic. I've used "Labor statistics" here, but you can use terms like gender, crime, health, et cetera.