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Legal Skills & Study: Legal Research

Guides & training

Understanding how to research effectively and efficiently now will save you a lot of time throughout your coursework, and save time, money and stress once you start to practice. There are many useful resources available through the library that can help you to establish strong legal research skills.


Researching through electronic databases is slightly different from traditional paper-based research. Many general research strategies will still apply, but is also worthwhile taking the time to understand the search systems and functionality offered in the databases you use most often.

For more detailed information about researching in Lexis, Westlaw, or HeinOnline see the separate guides to these databases.

For information about legal research certifications offered by some database vendors, see the certifications tab in this guide.

Research Tools

Research Guides

There are many guides to legal research, from short articles focused on researching a particular question or jurisdiction, through to books that provide a very general overview of research techniques.

For a variety of brief articles on researching historic and Kentucky law, see Professor Kurt Metzmeier's Law Bar Briefs series available through SSRN.

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