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Legal History of Murder: Kentucky

Researching murder in Kentucky

The law library has significant resources for studying Kentucky criminal law, including current and historic statutes, Kentucky legal treatises going back to the 19th century, and legislative documents leading to the adoption of the Kentucky penal code in 1974.


Old Statutes in Westlaw & Lexis

Historic Kentucky statues are available in Westlaw from 1995- and Lexis from 1991-.


In Westlaw the Kentucky Statutes & Court Rules are available under the State Materials tab - Kentucky. You can then search for the whole code by selecting 'Kentucky Statutes Annotated - Historical' under Tools & Resources. Then simply select a year from the list and search for the Statute.

Kentucky Statutes on Westlaw


In Lexis you must search for a specific section. First, find the current Kentucky Revised Statutes section and select 'Archived code versions', which will provide all the versions since 1991.

Kentucky Statutes on Lexis

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Secondary sources for the legal history of Kentucky criminal law

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