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Law Library

Law Library COVID-19 Information: Law Library

Information related to the UofL law library during the coronavirus pandemic.

Library Information

The Law Library will be open to the public during our intersession operating hours from August 1 - 15.

The Law Library will be open to the public via the west lobby entrance Monday - Friday until 6 pm and Saturdays until 5pm in the fall semester beginning on August 16. Access to the rest of the Law School building will continue to be restricted to those with a UofL Law School ID during this time.

The Law Library will be open ONLY to UofL Law School students, faculty and staff with a current ID card on Sundays and after 6pm Monday -Thursday. A UofL Law School ID card will be required to enter the Law Library during these times.

Mask Requirement

Following the University of Louisville's announcement on August 6, 2021, masks are required in public, indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status.

Public, indoor spaces include:

  • libraries
  • hallways
  • elevators
  • restrooms
  • classrooms
  • academic labs
  • common areas

Jefferson County Public Law Library

Members of the public may wish to visit the Jefferson County Public Law Library located in downtown Louisville. This library is open on weekdays and is conveniently located opposite the courthouse.

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