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Law Library

Law Library COVID-19 Information: Law Library

Information related to the UofL law library during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Library Information

The Law Library is currently open only to University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law students, faculty, and staff with a UofL ID.

In order to limit student exposure to the COVID-19 virus, all entrances to the law building are locked, and can only be opened with a law school ID card.  Limited access enables the law school to deliver much of our instruction face-to-face in the classrooms.  At this time, we do not know when the library will again be available to those outside the law school community.

Masks Required

Following UofL’s response to the governor’s recent red zone announcement, "masks must be worn in all indoor, public areas, including hallways and restrooms. Even if you are the only person occupying a public space, masks must still be worn. You may be asked to leave a public area if you are not wearing a mask."

This applies to group study rooms, pods, and remote study areas. Please cooperate by wearing your mask at all times in the law library.

Physical Distancing Requirements

  1. Students must be at least 6 feet from others.
  2. Only two students may work at the same work table. To be 6 feet apart, students must work at opposite ends of the table, lengthwise. Students working across from each other at a work table are not 6 feet apart.
  3. Only two students may occupy a group study room. The two students must work at opposite ends of the table lengthwise in order to be 6 feet apart. 
  4. The University requires students, faculty, and staff to wear face masks in public areas. Therefore, students must wear a mask when working in the library.
  5. Students are reminded that they can work in larger groups remotely using virtual study rooms and virtual work tables. To access these go to the law library intranet and click on “Online Study Rooms and Tables."

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