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English 300 Willey Spring 2022: Home

English 300 Library Session

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Library Session Goals:

  • Identify and practice using library databases relevant to literary studies.
  • Explore the scholarly conversation around short story topics and generate ideas for further investigation.

Group Workspaces

Use the appropriate link below to go to your assigned group's workspace. You can add sources and other information to the workspace using sticky notes, text boxes, or other options on the left side of the page. 

Exploring the Scholarly Conversation

Part 1: Planning an Exploratory Search Strategy

As a group, choose a story you've read for class. Use your group's jamboard to brainstorm elements of the story that interest you for potential research. These might include narrative techniques, aspects of characterization or setting, key themes, symbolic imagery, etc. You can visualize or organize these elements on the jamboard in any way you like, using sticky notes, text boxes, drawings, etc.


Part 2: Finding Sources in Databases

  1. Use JSTOR and/or Project MUSE to find three scholarly journal articles that speak to one or more of the elements you identified. The sources do not need to be about the specific story or author, but they can be. Add the citation information to the jamboard and be prepared to discuss why you selected these articles.
  2. Use the MLA International Bibliography to find one additional scholarly journal article and one book chapter that speak to one or more of the elements you identified. Add the citation information to the jamboard and be prepared to discuss why you selected these sources.


Part 3: Finding Books in the Catalog

Use the library catalog to find two books that speak in some way to your group's topic and add the citations to the jamboard. The books may not be about your topic entirely but may include a single relevant chapter. As before, be prepared to discuss your selections. Also, please identify whether the books are available at UofL and their format (print or e-book).

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