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WGST 691-50/HIST 611-50: History Of American Childhood: Essay #2

Your Assignment

Read at least three articles in a professional periodical (published between 1910 and 1970), discussing children/youth/parenting, and write an essay (6-10 pages) in which you analyze the articles in terms of the time. Your secondary source reference for the paper is Hucks Raft and any Panopto lectures that prove useful to you. You must refer to specific pages in course text. Possible periodicals available via JSTOR from Libraries homepage include: American Journal of Psychology, Child Development, The School Review, Art Education, Child Development, The Elementary School Teacher, The High School Journal, Journal of Educational Research. There are other journals having to do with criminal justice, which you might choose; and other databases may have other journals. The idea is: the twentieth century is the century of the expert. What do the experts in a particular field have to say about children/youth? Do not use the articles as “sources” of information; instead, analyze the articles’ information/assumptions in terms of the time.

On your paper in a works cited page, indicate the collection in which the periodical appears and all library information necessary to locate it (the works cited page is not part of the 6-page minimum text).

Finding Early- or Mid-Century Professional Periodicals

1. On the JSTOR homepage, hover over Browse at the top of the screen and click By Title.

2. Click the appropriate letter for the title of the journal you're interested in. For example, click the letter A to search for the American Journal of Psychology.

3. Click the journal title. You'll be taken to a page where all available issues are listed. You can click one of these to browse an issue, or use the search box in the upper right corner of the page to search within the publication. 

4. Search within the publication for keywords like "children" or "youth". 

5. On the results page, enter 1910 and 1970 in the From and To fields under Publication Date to limit your results to this date range. Click Update Results.

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