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WGST 332-50/HIST 326-50: History of American Childhood: Essay #3

Your Assignment

Read at least five newspaper articles published between 2000 and 2020 having to do with children or young people. At least two articles must be from the The New York Times. All articles may be from NYT, but if you want to use other newspapers, here are your ONLY choices: the Louisville Courier-Journal, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, the Denver Post, the Indianapolis Star Tribune, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Atlanta Observer, the Seattle Times, the Phoenix Sun, the Cincinnati Enquirer. Write an essay (6-8 pages) in which you utilize the articles to form a thesis statement having to do with some aspect of childhood/youth in the 21st century. The idea is: if you only had these newspaper articles (only from these newspapers) and our course material to form a thesis, what would it be? The best way to approach this assignment is to read newspaper articles around a particular theme, such as education, sexual abuse, childhood health problems, parent/child conflict, etc. And be sure to refer to course material (text/panopto), which is required for this assignment. Refer to text by specific page number and to lecture by week.  On your paper in a works cited page, indicate all citation information for newspaper articles you use in the paper (this page is not part of the 6-page minimum text).


Do NOT use any other sources for this assignment.

Finding Newspaper Articles

The following newspapers are available in ProQuest. Follow the steps below to find each title.

  • Courier-Journal (Note: don't include the word Louisville when searching)
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Washington Post
  • Indianapolis Star
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune
  • Cincinnati Enquirer

1. Click on Publications at the top of the screen. In the search box, enter the title of the paper. (Some searches will bring up multiple results; make sure you click on the correct title.)

2. Click on the title of the newspaper, then use the search box under Search Within this Publication to search for keywords like "children" or "youth." Click Search.

3. On the results page, enter 2010-2017 as the date range under Publication Date, then click Update.

The New York Times has its own ProQuest database. Follow the steps below to search within this title.

1. Enter your keywords in the search box (e.g. children, youth).

2. In the Publication Date drop-down, select Specific Date Range.

3. Enter 2010 as the start date and 2017 as the end date. Click Search.

The following newspapers are available in Access World News. Follow the steps below to find each title.

  • Denver Post
  • New Orleans Times-Picayune
  • Seattle Times

1. Click on USA under Search Shortcuts.

2. Click the state that the newspaper you're looking for is published in. For example, click Colorado to find the Denver Post.

3. Click on the title of the newspaper to search within that title.

4. In the first search box next to All Text, enter your keywords like "children" or "youth". 

5. In the second search box next to Date(s), enter 2010-2017. Click Search.

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