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Video Resources: Segal

Lili P. Segal Memorial Theater Collection

Collection Title List

The Lili P. Segal Memorial Theater Collection includes videos relating to the theater, the performing arts and theater history with a primary focus on videotaped productions of actual stage performances (rather than video/film adaptations of plays). Our staff is always looking for additions to this small but strong collection of videos and we are in contact with media librarians, theater scholars and stage professionals about new titles to include. Each video is marked with a special bookplate and colored sticker. Films are purchased with public performance rights and can be used in any setting where admission is not charged. The videos circulate to faculty, staff, and are widely used in the classroom and for research. This collection is made possible by a generous donation from Mr. Herbert W. Segal and Amanda Troy Segal.

Lili Packman Segal was raised in Lancaster, Kentucky. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Glouchester College, she moved to Louisville where she married Herbert Segal in 1951. Together they had one daughter. Lili, or Lee as everyone called her, worked at WHAS-TV in the early days of television. But her first love was print journalism. She spent several years as a weekly book columnist for the Sunday Courier-Journal and Times. She also contributed book reviews and travel articles to national magazines such as; Saturday Review of Literature and Sports Illustrated. She obtained a master's degree in English from the University of Louisville, and her thesis on James Thurber is now in the prestigious Thurber room of Ohio State University. After obtaining her Master's she taught freshman English and Composition and Creative Writing at Jefferson Community College.

Although a lifelong Kentucky resident, Mrs. Segal loved to travel. She especially enjoyed New York City. While visiting the Big Apple, in addition to collecting material for her column, she would indulge her passions for art, theater, and music. She acted in community theater productions, and collected contemporary painting and sculpture for her home. Not only did she enjoy these things for herself, she loved to teach others about them as well. As a docent at the J.B. Speed Museum and the Whitney in New York, her favorite groups were those of children. To her, great plays, paintings and books were not life's luxuries but necessities.

Segal Collection Title List


Agamemnon: a tragedy by Aeschylus / directors Peter Meineck and Graham Mitchell. Part 1 of the Oresteia trilogy by Aeschylus. Call Number: PA 3827 .A8 L52 1992 (VHS)

Akropolis / director James MacTaggart. Call Number: PG 7185 .W8 A792 1988 (VHS)

Alice at the Palace / director Emile Ardolino. Call Number: None. Ask at service desk for DVD.

Aristophanes' Lysistrata / director Georgos Zervoulakos. Call Number: PA 3875 .L8 1987 (VHS)

Aristophanes: the gods are laughing / director Coky Giedroyc. Call Number: PA 3879 .A75 1996 (VHS)


Biloxi Blues. Call Number: None. Ask at service desk for DVD.

The birth of modern theatre: Chekhov's Uncle Vanya in perspective. Call Number: PG 3456 .D5 G37 1988 (VHS)

Brighton Beach Memoirs. Call Number: None. Ask at service desk for DVD.

Broadway!: a musical history / director William Hammerstein. Call Number: ML 1711 .B76 1989 (VHS) (5 tapes)

Butley / director Harold Pinter. Call Number: PR 6057 .R33 B82 2003 (VHS)


Carmen Jones / director Otto Preminger. Call Number: PN 1995.9 .M86 O83 1994 (VHS)

Classical comedy: Aristophanes, Women in power (Ecclesiazusae) ; Plautus, The Braggart soldier (Miles gloriosus) / director Philip Hedley. Call Number: PA 3877 .E313 1988 (VHS)

The Comedy of manners: Jean Baptiste Poquelin de Molière: The misanthrope / director Harold Mantell. Call Number: PQ 1837 .A48 1988 (VHS)

Commedia dell'arte / director John Mitchell. Call Number: PQ 4236 .C64 1900z (VHS)

Contemporary theatre: Samuel Beckett: Waiting for Godot / director Alan Schneider. . Call Number: PQ 2603 .E378 E53 1988 (VHS)


Death of a salesman / director Volker Schlondorff. Call Number: PS 3525 .I5156 D4 1998 (VHS)

Directors on acting. T Call Number: PN 1995.9 .A26 D5 2002 (VHS)

A doll's house / director George Schaefer. Call Number: PT 8861 .C67 1983 (VHS)

A doll's house / director Joseph Losey. Call Number: PT 8861 .M47 1998 (VHS)

Dutchman / director Anthony Harvey. Call Number: None. Ask at service desk for DVD.


Early English drama: Quem Quaeritis, Abraham and Isaac, The second shepherd's play / director Harold Mantell. Call Number: PR 1260 .E37 1988 (VHS)

The Eccentricities of a Nightingale / director Glenn Jordan. Call Number: PS 3545 .I5365 E22 1999 (VHS)


Fires in the mirror: Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and other identities / director George C. Wolfe. Call Number: HN 90 .V5 F47 1993 (VHS)

For colored girls who have considered suicide, when the rainbow is enuf / director Oz Scott. Call Number: None. Ask at service desk for DVD.

Free to Dance: go for what you know. Call Number: GV 1624.7 .A34 F74 2001 v.3 (VHS)

Free to Dance: steps of the Gods. Call Number: GV 1624.7 .A34 F74 2001 v.2 (VHS)

Free to Dance: what do you dance Call Number: GV 1624.7 .A34 F74 2001 v.3 (VHS)

Fugard's Sizwe Bansi is dead / directed by Andrew Martin. Call Number: None. Ask at service desk. (VHS)


Greek Theater. Call Number: PA 3201 .R5 2001(VHS)


Hamlet / director Sir Laurence Olivier. Call Number: PR 2807 .A23 H27 1995 (VHS)

Hamlet / director Tony Richardson. Call Number: PR 2807 .A23 S53 1988 (VHS)

Hedda Gabbler / director David Cunliffe. T Call Number: PT 8868 .A23 1993 (VHS)

How theatre began: a brief history of drama. Call Number: None. Ask at a service desk. (VHS)


Iceman Cometh / director John Frankenheimer. Call Number: PS 3529 .N5 I35 2003 (VHS)




Long Day's Journey into Night / director Sidney Lumet. Call Number: None. Ask at service desk for DVD.

Lost in Yonkers. Call Number: None. Ask at service desk for DVD.

Luther / director Guy Green. Call Number: PR 6029 .S39 L85 2003 (VHS)


Macbeth / director Trevor Nunn.Call Number: PR 2823 .A23 1978 (VHS)

Maids / director Christopher Miles Call Number: PQ 2613 .E53 B6132 2003 (VHS)

Medea / director Robert Whitehead. Call Number: PA 3978 .M4 J4 1982 (VHS)

Midsummer Night's Dream / director Joan Kemp-Welch. Call Number: PR 2827 .A2 R7 1984 (VHS)

Mikado / director Norman Campbell. Call Number: M 1500 .S9 M55 1986 (VHS)

Minions of the Race. Call Number: PS 3566 .A595 M56 2002 (VHS)

Modern American drama: Eugene O'Neill : Long day's journey into night / director Sidney Lumet. Call Number: PS 3529 .N5 L6 1988 (VHS)



Oedipus Rex / director Tyrone Guthrie. Call Number: PA 4414 .O7 Y43 1988 (VHS)

Oh! Calcutta! / director Volker Schlondorff. Call Number: PN 1997 .O3 1993 (VHS)

One step in a journey: Tadashi Suzuki in Australia / directors Tony Chapman and Ziyin Wang. Call Number: PN 2075 .O62 1993 (VHS)

Out Town / director Sam Wood. Call Number: PN 1997 .O97 1991 (VHS)

Our Town / director Kirk Browning. Call Number: PS 3545 .I345 O9 1989 (VHS)


Paradise Now / director Julien Beck. Call Number: PN 1995.9 .E93 P3 1995 (VHS)

Pirates of Penzance / director Wilford Leach. Call Number: None. Ask at service desk for DVD.



Requiem for a Heavyweight / director Ralph Nelson. Call Number: PN 1997 .R48 2001 (VHS)

Rhinoceros / director Tom O'Horgan. Call Number: PN 1997 .R475 2003 (VHS)

The rise of Greek tragedy: Sophocles: Oedipus the king / director Harold Mantell. Call Number: PA 4414 .O7 M36 1998 (VHS)

Romeo and Juliet / director Franco Zeffirelli. Call Number: PR 2831 .A23 1996 (VHS)


School for Scandal / director Hal Burton. Call Number: PN 1997 .S31 1991 (VHS)

The Serpent / director Jac Vanza. Call Number: PS 3572 .A45 S4 1970 (VHS)

Signals through the flames / directors Sheldon Rochlin and Maxine Harris. Call Number: PN 1995.9 .D6 S5 1989 (VHS)

A Soldier's Story / director Norman Jewison. PQ4835.I7 ‡b S313 1988 (VHS)

A Streetcar Named Desire / director Elia Kazan. Call Number: PN 1997 .M613 1991 (VHS)

Strindberg's Miss Julie: Royal Shakespeare Company / director Robin Phillips. Call Number: PN 1997 .M613 1991 c.2 (VHS)

Sweet Bird of Youth / director Richard Brooks. Call Number: PN 1997 .S95 1989 (VHS)


Taming of the Shrew / director Franco Zeffirelli. Call Number: PR 2832 .A23 1987 (VHS)

Tartuffe / director Pierre Badel. Call Number: PQ 1842 .A1 1986 (VHS)

Theatre of the absurd: Luigi Pirandello: S Call Number: PQ 4835 .I7 S313 1988 (VHS)

Tintypes / director Don Roy King. Call Number: None. Ask at service desk for DVD.

Twelfth night, or, What you will / director Trevor Nunn. Call Number: PN 1997 .T81 1997 (VHS)



The Vagina Monologues. Call Number: PS 3555 .N75 V32 2002 (VHS)

View from the Bridge / director Sidney Lumet. Call Number: PN 1997 .V63 1996 (VHS)


Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? / director Mike Nichols. Call Number: PN 19897 .W46 1996 (VHS)

Wit / director Mike Nichols. Call Number: PS 3555 .D4845 W585 2001 (VHS)




Zoot Suit / director Luis Valdez. Call Number: PS 3572 .A387 Z66 1991 (VHS)