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SOC 350: Japanese Families (Taniguchi): Searching Exercise

Searching for News for Assignment 1

Use the News Guide listed to the left to access a news database. Then, search for an article related to Japanese families and martial unions (for Assignment 1), and respond to the following questions: 

  1. What source did you locate? List the author, news source, and title.

  2. Why did you select this source? How does it discuss Japanese marital unions? 

  3. Using some of the evaluative criteria we discussed in the first exercise, and considering your research context and the nuances of evaluation, write down a few sentences on why you consider this to be both a relevant and credible source

  4. Write down any challenges you had in locating a relevant news article on your topic. We will address these before the end of class!

  5. If you were to search for a scholarly journal article that relates to this news article, list 3-5 keywords you would use to search.