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Ekstrom Library

Printing: Home

How do I print from a computer in the library?

  • Students can print from any computer in the library using their Cardinal Card or UofL username and password. Visitors not affiliated with the University of Louisville must purchase a visitor printing card ($2.00) from a vending station, and add funds to it.
  • At the Computer:
    • Hit print.
    • Select BW_PrintAnwhere for black and white printing or Color_PrintAnywhere for color print.
    • After sending the print job, go to any printer on campus to release your print.
  • At the Printer:
    • Swipe your Cardinal Card or touch the screen to log in with your UofL username and password.
    • Press OK to close the balance screen.
    • Press the Copy & Print Release button.
    • Select your document(s) and choose Print or Print All.
    • After your job prints, touch the Log Out button.
  • Art Library: Follow the general directions above, but note:
    • If printing 12x18 or 11x17, you'll need to change the paper size in the printer properties section. (Ask if you need help.)
  • Law Library: Public printing is not available at the Law Library, but law students may print from any of the computer terminals in either computer lab.

How do I print from a personal computer?

  • You can upload a file to print from a personal device by visiting Once the desired file is uploaded to your Print Central dashboard, you can print from any Canon printer station in the library.
  • Art Library: Email an attachment to or
    If you're using a new email address, you'll get an email instructing you to register it to your Print Central account using your UofL username and password.
    The document will be sent to your personal, secure print queue and can be printed at any new Canon device. The document stays in your queue for 24 hours.
  • Law Library: Public printing is not available at the Law Library, but law students may print to the wireless printer in the first floor computer lab.

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