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POLS 390 (Moyer): Law Review

Your Resource

Ringhand, Lori A., and Paul M. Collins Jr. "May it please the senate: An empirical analysis of the senate judiciary committee hearings of Supreme Court nominees, 1939-2009." American University Law Review 60 (2010): 589-642. 

Questions to Address in Evaluating Your Resource

Look over the information provided at your link (e.g. abstract, publisher, tables) and then respond to the following questions:

  1. How is the format and length of this article different than the format from the Boyd, Collins, and Ringhand journal article in Law & Society Review? (Note that two of the authors are the same.) 
  2. What research question could this source help you answer about Senate Judiciary hearings?

How Your Source Was Found

This law review was found in Hein Online, a database available from the Political Science Subject Guide.

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