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POLS 347: Honors Seminar on Democratization: Books

Books: About

Why Books?

As you have likely noticed from your course readings in the required books for 495, Democratization and Transitions to Democracy: A Comparative Perspective, books provide a solid foundation on a topic. Their length allows them to go into detail about the varied aspects of their subject. For example, Samuel P. Huntington's The Third Wave: Democratization in the Late Twentieth Century provides a detailed look into the growth of democracy.

In other cases, books can edited and contain chapters by unique authors addressing certain aspects of a situation, such as Rita Mae Kelly's Gender, Globalization, and Democratization contains chapters on different aspects pertaining to the title and authored by unique scholars. Each may be of use to you when you're doing background research for your paper and can provide you with a solid knowledge base for understanding how to compare the United States and the country you select in terms of their forms of government.

To Locate Books

To look up books, refer to our catalog WorldCat Discovery.