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POLS 340: Government & Politics of Western Europe (Abbott): European Union Sites

European Union Sites: About is the official website of the European Union and contains a wealth of documents and publications. The focus of this page will be on highlighting certain aspects of the EUROPA page. 

As well, this page is organized with several links under each institution/key feature of the European Union. This is simply designed to link you to these institutions/features and give you an idea of how vast these websites are and the variety of information they contain on the EU. I encourage you to explore these websites: see their About page, any Publications or Research or Policy pages, etc. These can be full of rich information to include in your case studies.

Your Case Studies 

The information presented here will help you with your final written paper, and was designed with the contents of your case studies in mind. For your second case study where you'll need country information, visit the Background Information tab of this guide.


In addition to the following links, be sure to look at EUROPA's Documents and Publications webpage, which includes links to the following types of information:

  • official documents
  • open data
  • statistics and opinion polls
  • reports and studies


EUROPA provides a Google-like search that allows you to search over their 100 million webpages at Search Europa.

Links for Institutions/Key Features

News & Press Releases from the EU

Other Relevant Sites

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