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POLS 312 (Online): Constitutional Law: Powers of Government: Justice Information


Recommended Texts

The following books contain biographical information on the Supreme Court Justices.

Supreme Court Justice Information

The following resources will provide background information on Supreme Court Justices, including personal characteristics (religion, gender, ethnicity, etc.), professional background, endorsements by interest groups and senators, as well as the nominating president. The last few resources feature books written by the Justices themselves as well as speeches they have given.

How the Justices Vote

Both of the resources listed below will help you analyze the voting behavior of Supreme Court Justices. The first resource, the Supreme Court Database, will allow you to create your own data summaries from the "Analysis" tool. This tool will allow you to create a list of all cases in which a justice participated in a particular area and how they voted by simply selecting a specific justice as your only parameter. This resource will be very useful for your assignment.

The second resource, the SCOTUSblog Statistics and StatPacks, is organized by term. For this reason, it might be easier to utilize the Supreme Court Database since your emphasis will be on researching specific justices. StatPacks contain data on voting relationships, oral arguments, and other similar topics. This resource might be useful for comparing voting behavior of justices across a specific term.

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