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Medieval & Renaissance Studies: Videos

Videos at UofL Libraries - Medieval Subjects

Amiens Trilogy: Part 1: Reflections, Live Walk-through (VHS) 14 min.
Amiens Cathedral, located north of Paris and built in the 50 years after 1220, offers an extraordinary experience of Gothic space and structure, expressing the height of the technical prowess of the Middle Ages. Looks at it as an image of Heaven, the way it was built and why it nearly collapsed. Companion video to Dr. Murray's book: Notre-Dame, Cathedral of Amiens: the power of change in Gothic.
ART LIBRARY - Video NA 5551 .A45 A45 1997

Amiens Trilogy: Part 2: Notre-Dame, Cathedral of Amiens (1220-1269) (VHS) 13 min.
Amiens Cathedral, located north of Paris and built in the 50 years after 1220, offers an extraordinary experience of Gothic space and structure, expressing the height of the technical prowess of the Middle Ages. Looks at it as an image of Heaven, the way it was built and why it nearly collapsed. Based on Dr. Murray's original research.
ART LIBRARY - Video NA 5551 .A45 A452 1995

Ancient Warriors: Classical Warriors(VHS) 60 min.
Military history - Sparta, Rome, Greece.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video U 757 .W37 A6 1994 pt. 3

And They Sang a New Song: Twenty-four Elders at Santiago de Compostela (VHS) 28 min.
Employs art history and music history to explore the meaning of the 24 Elders of the Apocalypse carves in the late 12th century Portico de la Gloria of the Pilgrimage Church at Santiago de Compostela.

Andalusian Epic: Islamic Spain (DVD) 27 min.
Addresses the expansion of the Arab empire into Spain. Considers the creation of the Umayyad emirate; the rise of Cordoba as a cultural rival of Abbasid Baghdad and the ebb of Arab rule on the Iberian Peninsula. Attention is given to the reign of Abdel Rahman III and the flowering of a Muslim culture that welcomed contributions of Christians and Jews.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Ask at Media Resources for DVD.

Art of Celtic Manuscripts (VHS) 26 min.
The origin of the Book of Kells are uncertain but it is presumed to have been produced around the year 800. Beautifully illustrated, it contains the Latin text of the four Gospels. The program identifies the faces and figures depicted and explains the decoration and symbolism.
ART LIBRARY - ND 3359 .K4 A8 1993

Art of the Book: Persian Miniatures from the Shahnameh (VHS) 30 min.
Examines the illumination of the Persian manuscript, Shahnameh, the epic written by the 10th century poet Firdawsei about the ancient legends and the history of the mythological and historical kings of Iran.
ART LIBRARY - ND 3399 .F5 A75 1993

Beginnings of Capitalism (VHS) 27 min.
Focuses on economic patterns in the late Middle Ages and the changing commercial and social worlds of the city.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video CB 361 .R49 1993 no. 9

Birth of the Middle Ages (DVD & VHS) 43 min.
An introduction to medieval Europe that traces the roots of the fall of civilization and the onset of darkness. Originally produced by Feature Films for the Humanities in 1989.
ART LIBRARY - DVD D 121 .B5 2003
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video D 121 .B5 1989

Book of Kells: the work of Angels? (DVD) 60 min.
The Book of Kells’ illuminated decoration and calligraphy adorning the Four Gospels have earned it the reputation as the most beautiful book in the world. This fascinating program tells the story of this magnificent masterpiece of Irish art.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Ask at Media Resources for DVD.

Brother Sun, Sistern Moon = Fratello sole, sorella luna (DVD) 121 min.
Feature film about the early years of Francis of Assisi who abandoned a life of wealth and comfort to seek a spiritual union with the world. Directed by Franco Zeffirelli.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Ask at Media Resources for DVD.

Buildings and Beliefs: Understanding a Medieval Parish Church (VHS) 20 min.
Uses All Saints Church North Street in York to show how the church's architectural features, including changes made over the years, to explore social and religious beliefs of the people who built and used it.
ART LIBRARY - Video NA 5471 .Y6 B85 1990

Byzantium, from Splendor to Ruin (VHS) 52 min.
Describes the history, art and religious significance of Byzantium, its attempts to restore the Roman Empire, its heritage and its influence in the West.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video DF 504.5 .B993 1989

Cairo: 1001 Years of Islamic Art and Architecture (VHS) 103 min.
Traces the development of the architecture of Cairo from Medieval to early 20th century.
ART LIBRARY - Video DT 143 .C32 1999

Cathedral (DVD) 58 min.
Combines location sequences and animation to show the building of a Gothic cathedral. Begins with a tour of Chartres, Reims, Amiens, Bourges, Beauvais, Notre Dame de Paris, Laon and the Royal Abbey Church of St. Denis. Discusses life in the medieval era and church as a center for life.
ART LIBRARY - DVD NA 5543 .C38 2006

Celtic Journey Through Time: a Short Story of Ireland (VHS) 63 min.
Looks at the personalities and events that shaped Ireland; visits the medieval streets of Dublin, the rugged coasts and the verdant countryside.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video DA 910 .C45 1998

Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire (DVD & VHS) 31 min.
Covers the antecedents of the life of Charlemagne, shows life at the court, life of the courtiers and peasant, recoutns the battle of Roncevaux--site of the epic Chanson de Roland--and counterpoints the glories of the Carolingian Renaissance with the everyday realities of hunger, plague and violence. (-Feature Films for the Humanities)
ART LIBRARY - DVD DC 73 .C45 2003
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video DC 73 .C438 1989

Christians, Jews and Moslems in Medieval Spain (VHS) 52 min.
Describes the history of Spain from 711 to 1492, a period of Arab domination and intellectual ferment.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video DP 99 .C57 1989

Cities of Light (DVD) 116 min.
Documentary that traces the history of Islamic Spain. Explains how the Muslims, Christians and Jews thrived and looks at the dissipation of that time of tolerance.
ART LIBRARY - DVD DP 101 .C585 2007

City of God (DVD) 39 min.
Covers the church's resurgence during the Middle Ages, including Augustine of Hippo's writings, the Vulgate Bible, the rule of Pope Gregory the Great, monastic life and the role of the pilgrimage.
ART LIBRARY - DVD BR 280 .C55 2004

City of God (VHS) 52 min.
Covers the church's resurgence during the Middle Ages, including Augustine of Hippo's writings, the Vulgate Bible, the rule of Pope Gregory the Great, monastic life and the role of the pilgrimage.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video BR 280 .C55 1989

Crucifixion and Resurrection (VHS) 58 min.
Follows the life of Jesus from the time of his Baptism to his death and Resurrection, emphasizes the Old Testament prophesies that Jesus would fulfill as depicted in medieval art.
ART LIBRARY - Video N 8010 .C78 1994

Crusades: Crescent & the Cross (DVD) 180 min.
Using CGI-enhanced visuals and dramatic reenacemtns, the History Channel brings key Crusades battles to life.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Ask at Media Resources for DVD.

Europe: the Barbarian West (VHS) 57 min.
Civilization areose in Asia, but it was in the West, evolving from Greece and Rome, which created the first world culture not only through its own genius but by borrowing from the legacies of the original five old world civilizations.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video CB 311 .L4 1991 no. 6

Forgetting Arabic = Oublier l'arabe (VHS) 27 min.
Looks at the religious climate of the late Middle Ages and looks at the central role of universities.
Interviews in various languages with English subtitles.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video DS 36.85 .W44 2001 v. 12

From Arabic to Latin = De l'arabe au latin (VHS) 26 min.
As dissension mounted between the rival Arab dynasties in Baghdad, Cordoba, and Cairo, Christendom rallied to oppose the Muslims in Spain and Jerusalem. This program plots the decline of the Caliphate and the acquisition of Arab knowledge by Europeans starved for Islam's intellectual riches. The rise of feudalism and papal authority, the gradual defeat of the Muslim rulers in Spain, the Seljuk usurpation of Abbisid power in the Near East, and the Crusades are explained, along with the concerted efforts of Catholic authories to translate the vast libraries of Arab scientific and philosophical texts. (-Films for the Humanities & Sciences site)
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video DS 36.85 .W44 2001 v. 11

Glory of the Middle Ages (VHS) 19 min.
Looks at the architecture of the castles built during the Middle Ages in Europe, including the moat, walls, gates, windows, courtyard and interiors. Includes a demonstration on making a clay model castle.
ART LIBRARY - Video NA 7710 .G58 1993

Heaven or Hell: the Last Judgment (VHS) 54 min.
This video recounts Christ's Ascension and return to earth to judge mankind, discusses the influence of the four Latin Fathers on artististic depictions, and highlights the last book of the New Testament, John's apocalyptic vision of the end of the world. Includes symbolism of the Majestas Domini, the winged representations of the four Gospel writers, Adam and Eve, the Wise and Foolish Virgins, and the Four Platonic Virtues.
ART LIBRARY - Video N 8010 .H43 1995

I, Caesar: the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire (DVD) 294 min.
The public and private lives of six men who ruled the Roman Empire: Julius Caesar, Augustus, Nero, Hadrian, Constantine and Justinian. Includes unequaled location footage, unseen images and careful re-enactments.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Ask at Media Resources for DVD.

Illuminator and a Bible for the 21st Century (DVD) 49 min.
Follows a 21st century illuminator on perhaps the largest commission since the medieval period.
ART LIBRARY - DVD BS 191.5 .I45 2005

Jan Hus (VHS) 27 min.
Examines the challenges to the Church in the middle ages and the significance of the protest led by Jan Hus.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video CB 361 .R49 1993 no. 6

Jewelled City: the Cathedral of Chartres (DVD & VHS) 50 min.
Offers a narrated tour of the cathedral along with a historical portrait of the political and religious fervor of the medieval architects who saw it through to completion.
ART LIBRARY - DVD NA 5551 .C5 J46 2002
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video NA 5551 .C5 J4 1998

Knightly Ideal (VHS) 27 min.
From the series Renaissance and the origins of the modern west. Traces the sources and social consequences of the medieval attitude toward war and the warrior.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video CB 361 .R49 1993 no. 4

Late Medieval World (DVD) 50 min.
This episode features the work of Masaccio, Uccello, Van Eyck, Giotto and Botticelli.
ART LIBRARY - DVD N 5300 .L36 2006, pt. 1

Light on the Stones of the Medieval Church of Vezelay (VHS) 24 min.
Overall description of the medieval church of Vezelay, France. Emphasis is placed on architecture and sculpture, Romanesque and Gothic, with liturgical music appropriate to the time period it was first built.

Lindisfarne Gospels: a Masterpiece of Anglo-Saxon Book Painting (VHS) 35 min.
Looks at the creation of the Lindisfarne Gospels; shows the process of making and decorating an illuminated manuscript.
ART LIBRARY - Video ND 3359 .L5 L56 1995

Medieval Art and Music (VHS) 35 min.
Shows how the art, architecture and music of the medieval period were governed by the church and created in its service. Part one deals with the beginnings of illumination and Romanesque architecture. Part two focuses on the Gothic period and includes the rise of Gothic architecture, the beginnings of secularism in art and the development of polyphony in music.

Medieval Japan: 12th-17th centuries (VHS) 45 min.
The warfare and disruption that characterized the feudal era in Japanese history sets the political and social context for this program. Discusses similarities and differences between medieval Japan and Europe.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video PL 726.1 .J3 1996 pt. 2

Medieval Manuscript: Art and Function (VHS) 30 min.
Shows how medieval manuscripts came into being, how illuminations were accomplished and what materials were used. Also explains the combinations of artistic talent, religious devotion and intellectual integrity that enabled artists and artisans of the monasteries to accomplish their work.
ART LIBRARY - Video Z 107 .A7 1993

Middle Ages: the Medieval House (VHS) 25 min.
Examines the house types in Europe, from rural dwellings to medieval town houses. Shows the development of building techniques and the advances in tool making that medieval artisans incorporated into their buildings and the influence of climate and social conditions on their development and styles.
ART LIBRARY - Video NA 7325 .M53 1975

Moorish South: Art in Muslim and Christian Spain from 711 to 1492 (DVD) 50 min.
Explores the story of art in Islamic and medieval Spain in various locations. Looks at various buildings including the Great Mosque of Cordoba, the Alcazar in Seville and the Alhambra in Granada.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Ask at Media Resources for DVD.

Nero: Legend of a Monster? (DVD) 54 min.
Explores the life and times of Nero, Emperor of Rome. Biographer Massimo Fini and others discuss the authenticity of information given by Tacitus, Suetonius and Cassius Dio.
ART LIBRARY - DVD DG 285 .N47 2005

Ordo Virtutum: the Ritual of the Virtues (DVD) 71 min.
Ordo virtutum, 12th century medieval music-drama and arguably the oldest surviving opera, sung to music that combines the meditational qualities of Gregorian chant with lyrical emotional expression.

Painting Invades the Walls (DVD) 27 min.
This program travels to four locales to examine how frescoes have been painted: a villa in Pompeii, the Basilica of San Francesco in Arezzo, home of della Francesca's Legend of the True Cross, the Salle des Saisons at the Louvre to view Romanelli's frescoes, and the Residenz palace in Wurzburg to see how Tiepolo's trompe l'oeil creates an extraordinary illusory space.
ART LIBRARY - DVD ND 2550 .P35 2004

Parsifal (VHS) 255 min.
Sacred festival drama set in medieval Spain.

Pilgrimages of Europe (Vol. 3) (DVD) 60 min.
Contains two half hour documentaries and ten previews. Looks at the spiritual, cultural and historical background of two important pilgrimage sites. Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Fatima, Portugal.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Ask at Media Resources for DVD.

Pippin: his Life and Times (VHS) 104 min.
Using the medieval legend of Charlemagne's son, Pippin, the musical pageant is a parable about a young man's search for meaning and truth.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video M 1500 .S4598 P56 1992

Roman City (DVD & VHS) 60 min.
Based on David Macaulay's book, this animated and live-action video recounts life in Verbonia, a fictional city in Gaul. A well-planned town with all modern conveniences, it is threatened by conflict between conquerers and conquered. Macaulay also visits Pompeii, Herculaneum, Ostia, Nimes, Orange and Rome.
ART LIBRARY - DVD DG 78 .R574 2006
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video DG 78 .R574 1995

Romance of the Rose, or, Guillaume de Dole (VHS) 80 min.
Medieval love story of a good emperor who falls in love with a beautiful woman and the obstacles they encounter.

Rome: Power & Glory (DVD & VHS) 312 min.
Presents the complete history of Rome, from its primitive beginnings to the height of its glory and its eventual decline. Combines location footage of ancient monuments, detailed re-enactments, period art and writing, and insights from scholars and public figures.
ART LIBRARY - DVD DG 209 .R65 1999b
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video DG 209 .R65 1999 v. 1-6

Rome: the Great Empire (VHS) 200 min.
Ancient Rome: the republic of rome, age of emperors, building an empire, the enduring legacy.
ART LIBRARY - Video DG 209 .A54 1998 v. 1-4

Secrets of Lost Empires II: Medieval Siege, v. 1 (VHS)
Part of a Nova series that explores lost history in which experts attempt to recreate ancient engineering marvels.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video TA 633 .S422 2000 v. 1

Simon of the Desert = Simon del Desierto (DVD) 45 min.
in order to prove his devotion to God, a 4th century saint stays atop a pillar for six years while he is tempted by the devil in the form of a beautiful woman. Directed by Luis Buñuel.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Ask at Media Resources for DVD.

Sixieme sens tenture de la dame a la licorne (vers 1480-1500) = Lady and the Unicorn: Making Sense of the Senses (DVD) 32 min.
Explores the history and symbolism of the Lady and the Unicorn, six medieval tapestries that illustrate the five senses, housed in the National Museum of the Middle Ages in Paris.
ART LIBRARY - DVD NK 3049 .U5 S58 2003

Song of Roland (DVD) 72 min.
This program offers an abridged English version of the battlefield epic, combining richy textured medieval and Renaissance art images with scholarly summaries and interpretations of the work's major sections. Includes and Old French recital of the song's first six lines.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Ask at Media Resources for DVD.

Stabat Mater (DVD) 45 min.
Part of the concert series commissioned by Pope John Paul II and the Vatican for the celebration of the Jubilaeum 2000. This one features a Good Friday performance of Stabat Mater by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi.

Vanished Rome (VHS) 58 min.
Shows the architectural excavation of a complex of buildings on the northeast slope of Palatine Hill.
ART LIBRARY - Video DG 66 .V36 1994

Visions of Prophecy, Voices of Power (VHS) 24 min.
Looks at women and their options, traditional and otherwise, in the 12th through 15th centuries.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video HQ 1143 .V58 2000

Voices from Heaven: the Religious Music in the Europe of the Middle Age (DVD & VHS) 57 min.
Authentic music and instruments are used by various European performers in performances located in cathedrals and villages in northern Italy. Includes reflections on the meaning of the music and its heritage.

Warhorse (VHS) 200 min.
In four separate episodes, traces the role of horses in warfare from medieval to modern times.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video SF 283 .W37 1997 v. 1-2

Wonders of the African World (VHS) 360 min.
This documentary presents Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on a journey from Zanzibar to Timbuktu, the Nile River Valley to Zimbabwe, the slave coast of Guinea to the medieval monasteries of Ethiopia in search of the lost wonders of the African world.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video DT 14 .G3852 1999

World Inscribed: the Illuminated Manuscript (DVD) 24 min.
Provides a history of the illuminated manuscript and monastery libraries and depicts the workings of a sciptorium.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Ask at Media Resources for DVD.

Year One Thousand (DVD) 49 min.
Depicts 11th century Europe by dramatizing the life of Ademar de Chabannes, a monk who wrote a remarkable chronicle of the early years of the millenium and its calamities, famine and war. Shows the range of 11th century life, with all its hysteria, religious zeal and visions of the coming of the end of the world and the Apocalypse from St. John's Revelations.
ART LIBRARY - DVD BX 4705 .A275 Y4 2003

York Cycle in the Fifteenth Century (VHS) 20 min.
Presents the organization and production of plays at the Corpus Christi festival held annually in York, England.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video PN 1761 .Y67 1972

Videos at UofL Libraries - Renaissance Subjects

Brueghel: a personal view held by Harold van de Perre (VHS) 97 min.
An examination of the work of Flemish Renaissance painter, Pieter Brueghel, the Elder.
ART LIBRARY - Video ND 673 .B73 B76 1997

Caravaggio (VHS) 97 min.
A film based on the life and art of Caravaggio, Italian post-Renaissance painter.
ART LIBRARY - ND 623 .C26 C37 1987

Commedia by Fava: the Commedia dell'arte step by step (DVD) 258 min.
Lessons in Commedia dell'arte taught by Antonio Fava. Commedia is a comic genre that originated in the Renaissance.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Ask at Media Resources for DVD.

David Hockney's Secret Knowledge (DVD & VHS) 81 min.
Investigates how early painters used simple cameras to capture realistic images 400 years before the invention of the photograph. Examines works by Jan Van Eyck, Vermeer, Holbein, Caravaggio and Velazquez. Demonstrates methods using camera lucida, camera obscura and convex mirrors.
ART LIBRARY - DVD ND 1482 .R4 H57 2004
ART LIBRARY - Video ND 1482 .R4 H57 2002

Early Musical Instruments (VHS) 180 min.
Six video series that covers the range of instruments and presents performances of medieval and renaissance music to teach what the instruments look like, sound like and how they are played as well as places them in historical context.
MUSIC LIBRARY - V 0023 v. 1-6

Golden Age: the baroque guitar (VHS) 60 min.
Recorded at Seville Cathedral, Toledo, the Alcazar of Segovia (program 1) and La Granja Palace, El Escorial Theatre, Madrid Ayutamiento, Palace of the Marques de Salvatierra, Ronda, Seville (program 2). Performer: Julian Bream, vihuela, Renaissance and baroque guitar.
MUSIC LIBRARY - V 0005 v. 1

Great Artists of the Italian Renaissance (DVD) 6 DVDs
Course of 36 lectures (30 min. each) that introduces the art of the Italian Renaissance. From the Teaching Company.
ART LIBRARY - DVD N 6915 .K56 2004

Great Minds of the Western Intellectual Tradition (DVD) 14 DVDs
Lectures by Darren Staloff based on a seminar course at Columbia University on Western intellectual history agumented by additional selected guest lecturers. From the Teaching Company.
ART LIBRARY - DVD B29 .G74 2003

Humanities: a bridge to ourselves (VHS) 29 min.
Reviews the cultural history of Western society from its earliest beginnings through the Renaissance.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Robotic Retrieval System - Video CB 361 .H85 1982

Isabella d'Esta: First Lady of the Renaissance (DVD) 58 min.
Illustrates the connections between teh political posturing of the Italian Renaissance princes and their patronage of the arts. Isabella d'Esta, daughter of the Duke of Ferrera, was known in her time as "First Lady of the World." The dramatic script is based on her correspondences.

Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Master (VHS) 50 min.
Looks at the life of Leonardo da Vinci, Italian Renaissance artist and inventor.
ART LIBRARY - Video ND 623 .L5 L419 1997

Majesty of Renaissance Dance: Nido d'amore = Nest of Love (VHS)
Renaissance dance suite: Opening; Galliard; Saltarello; Canary.
MUSIC LIBRARY - V 0676 v. 3

Medici, Godfathers of the Renaissance (DVD) 220 min.
Tale of one family's ambition and of Europe's struggle to emerge from the Dark Ages.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Ask at Media Resources for DVD.

Movement for Period Plays (VHS) 25 min.
Presents the bows and curtsies and the basic steps of the most typical dances of the Medieval/Early Tudor, Elizabethan/Jacobean, Restoration, Eighteenth Century, Romantic and Victorian/Edwardian periods.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video PN 2071 .M6 M58 1985 appendix B

Music in Time (DVD) 16 DVDs, 60 min. each
Introduction to music in the Western World from Gregorian chant to the present.

Panels of the Altarpiece, the polyptych of San Francesco at Sansepolcro (1437-1444): Stefano di Giovanni (VHS) 30 min.
An examination of the altarpiece by Sassetta now disassembled and dispersed throughout 10 museums.
ART LIBRARY - Video ND 623 .S3 P36 1991

Power of the Past with Bill Moyers - Florence (VHS) 88 min.
Bill Moyers tours Florence's rich Renaissance legacy and explores the roots of the common artistic, architectural and human heritage of modern Western civilization.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video DG 734.23 .P6 1990

La Primavera (DVD) 50 min.
Considers Botticelli's allegorical masterpiece, probably painted in Florence in the 1480s, one of the first large secular works since Greek and Roman times and the first sensual female figures of the Renaissance.
ART LIBRARY - DVD ND 623 .B7 P74 2006

Raphael (VHS) 58 min. each
Presents a reappraisal of Raphael's work; shot on location in Urbino, Perugia, Florence and Rome.
ART LIBRARY - Video ND 623 .R2 R29 1982 pt. 1-3

Renaissance (DVD) 50 min.
Episode of the series; features the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Holbein and Michaelangelo.
ART LIBRARY - N 5300 .L36 2006, pt. 2

Renaissance: a Fresh Look at the Evolution of Western Art (DVD) 360 min.
Six part program looks at the evolution of Western art during the Renaissance.
ART LIBRARY - DVD N 6370 .R356 2002

Renaissance: the Origins of the Modern West (Series) (VHS)
EKSTROM LIBRARY - CB 361 .R49 1993 no. 1 - 18

1 - Machiavelli and the Medici - 28 min.
Explores the origins of new ideas about politics and the exercise of power in the Florence of the Medici and Machiavelli.

2 - Phillip II - 28 min.
Presents the reasons for the development of a beaurocratic structure in the Spanish Empire of Phillip II and the effects of this newly elaborate system of government.

3 - Elizabethtown and Revolutionary England - 27 min.
Looks at the means Elizabeth I used to win the loyalty of her subjects and the attempt to roll back the power of central government during the Cromwellian revolution.

4 - Knightly Ideal - 27 min.
Traces the sources and social consequences of the medieval attitude toward war and warrior.

5 - Gunpowder and its Effects - 27 min.
Explores the military revolution that followed gunpowder.

6 - Jan Hus - 27 min.
Examines the challenges to the Church in the middle ages and the significance of the protest led by Jan Hus.

7 - Martin Luther - 27 min.
Profiles the origins and early development of the Protestant Reformation.

8 - Consequences of Religious Conflict - 27 min.
Presents the growth of violence in the name of religion and the beginnings of a demand for religious toleration.

9 - Beginnings of Capitalism - 27 min.
Focuses on economic patterns in the late middle ages and the changing commercial and social worlds of the city.

10 - Transformation of Cities and Economies - 27 min.
Explores the rising importance of commerce and trade and their impact on European society.

11 - Early Renaissance - 27 min.
Presents the achievements of the artistic pioneers of 14th century Florence.

12 - High Renaissance - 26 min.
Explores the growing stature of the artist in the age of Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Durer.

13 - Artist and Society - 27 min.
Examines the changes in the social role of artists during the careers of Titian, Brueghel, Caravaggio, Artemisia and Velazquez.

14 - Beginnings of Modern Science - 27 min.
Explores the contributions of alchemists, artisans and natural philosophers in understanding nature in the age of Paracelsus, Copernicus and Kepler.

15 - Galileo Galilei - 27 min.
The decisive era of the Scientific Revolution as Galileo achieved new breakthroughs and faces the opposition of church authorities is presented.

16 - Science Triumphant - 27 min.
Traces the advances in the age of Descartes, Pascal and Newton and the founding of scientific societies as the new understanding of nature takes hold.

17 - Then and Now - 26 min.
Explores the continuing influence on the modern world of the transformations that took place during the Renaissance.

18 - World Reborn - 56 min.
Narrative overview of the 14th through 17th centuries that places the changes of the Renaissance in broader context.

Renaissance Art and Music (DVD & VHS) 51 min.
Provides a general introduction to Renaissance art and music and describes the early Renaissance in Florence, Italy as well as the Renaissance in Rome, Venice and other parts of Europe.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video NX 450.5 .K662 1986

Renaissance of Monteverdi (VHS) 31 min.
Explains the cultural, political and historical background to a courtly madrigal by Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643).

Le Retable des Ardents: retable d'Issenheim (vers 1510-1516); Mathis Nithart Gothard dit Grunewald (vers 1470-80-vers 1528-32) (DVD) 34 min.
Documentary that looks at the Isenheim Altarpiece and Matthias Grunewald's life.
ART LIBRARY - DVD ND 588 .G7 R48 2003

Simon Boccanegra: Guiseppe Verdi (DVD) 150 min.
Simon Boccanegra, Verdi's Doge of Genoa, is a complex man ruled by love of family and devotion to country. The compelling, richly colored music of Boccanegra vividly embodies the tangled personal passions and political rivalries of Renaissance Italy.

Simon Boccanegra: melodramma in un prologo e tre atti (DVD) 143 min.
Opera sung in Italian; Peter Stein, stage director.

Smile and the Interweave, Madonna, child and Saint Anne (ca. 1500-1515) (VHS) 30 min.
An examination of the painting by Leonardo da Vinci.
ART LIBRARY - Video ND 623 .L5 S58 1991

Stages of Theatre: Mediaeval & Renaissance (DVD) 20 min.
Professor Richard Beacham of King's College London surveys the evolution of Elizabethan and Renaissance stage formations and the conventions they established. Depicts the Globe, the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, and the Teatro Farnese in Parma. Program studies the importance of Sebastio Serlio and Inigo Jones to the history of stage design.
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Ask at Media Resources for DVD.

Vacarmes en Toscane: Paolo di Dono dit Paolo Uccello, Florence, vers 1397-1475; Bataille de San Romano (vers 1435-1440) (DVD) 31 min.
Uses the trhee panel Early Renaissance masterpiece to gain insights into Uccello's fascination with three-dimensionality as well as his intense curiosity about geometrical forms, color and movement.
ART LIBRARY - DVD ND 623 .U4 V33 2003

Venice: a Secondhand City? (DVD) 30 min.
Reenactments of English Courtier Thomas Coryat's visit in 1608 are contrasted with archival research and commentary by Patricia Allerston of the University of Edinburgh. Prof. Patricia Fortini-Brown offers further legal and economic insight into Renaissance society.
ART LIBRARY - DVD DG 673 .V46 2003

Virgin Mary in Art: Renaissance to Reformation(VHS) 55 min.
Discusses the influence of Byzantine art, the iconography of mary's role as intercessor and the symbolism of birds, fruits, flowers and gardens.
ART LIBRARY - Video N 8010 .V57 1996


BBC Shakespeare Collection (EKSTROM LIBRARY - Ask at Media Resources Desk for DVD)

  • All's Well that Ends Well
  • Antony and Cleopatra
  • As You Like It
  • Comedy of Errors
  • Coriolanus
  • Cymbeline
  • Hamlet
  • Henry IV Part I
  • Henry IV Part II
  • Henry V
  • Henry VI Part I
  • Henry VI Part II
  • Henry VI Part III
  • Henry VIII
  • Julius Caesar
  • King John
  • King Lear
  • Love's Labour's Lost
  • Macbeth
  • Measure for Measure
  • The Merchant of Venice
  • The Merry Wives of Windsow
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Much Ado About Nothing
  • Othello
  • Pericles
  • Richard II
  • Richard III
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Taming of the Shrew
  • The Tempest
  • Timon of Athens
  • Titus Andronicus
  • Troilus and Cressida
  • Twelfth Night
  • Two Gentlmen of Verona
  • The Winter's Tale

As You Like It (DVD) 156 min.
2007, Stratford Shakespeare Festival production, Director for the stage: John Hirsch
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Henry V (DVD & VHS) 138 min.
1990, motion picture, Director: Kenneth Branagh
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video PR 2812 .A23 1990

Macbeth (DVD) 146 min.
1978, Royal Shakespeare Company TV production, Director: Philip Casson
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The Merchant of Venice (DVD) 131 min.
2005, motion picture, Director: Michael Radford

Much Ado About Nothing (VHS) 110 min.
1993, motion picture, Director: Kenneth Branagh
EKSTROM LIBRARY - SGA Video Collection

Othello (DVD) 188 min.
1987, Market Theatre Company, Director: Janet Suzman
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Richard III (DVD) 158 min.
1955, motion picture, Director: Laurence Olivier

The Taming of the Shrew (DVD) 66 min.
1929, motion picture, Director: Sam Taylor
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Twelfth Night (VHS) 133 min.
1997, motion picture, Director: Trevor Nunn
EKSTROM LIBRARY - Video PN 1997 .T81 1997

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