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Ekstrom Library

English 300 Maxwell: Home

Library Session Goals

  • Learn about key library resources for finding scholarship in literary studies.
  • Practice using library resources to explore the conversation around particular topics and generate ideas for further investigation.

Team Workspaces

Guiding Questions

Part A

  1. In your group, brainstorm some important issues, themes, and tropes you've discussed in relation to the literature you've been reading. You might consider ideas you've written about in your journals. Add a few of these to your workspace.
  2. Next, consider aspects of the literature (or perhaps a particular text) that your group finds especially interesting or worthy of further investigation. What questions do you have about the literature? What do you want to learn more about? Add this information to your workspace.

Part B

  1. Using the databases we've discussed, find two journal articles that relate or speak to your group's interests, based on the brainstorming you did in Part A. For each article, add the author, title, and journal name to your workplace, along with a very brief annotation explaining why you selected it. In other words, why does the article seem interesting?
  2. Using the library catalog, find one book or book chapter that relates or speaks to your group's interests. The book (or chapter) might relate to the initial brainstorming you did, or it might relate the articles you found for the previous question. Add the author, title, and publisher to your workspace, along with a very brief annotation explaining why you selected it. Why does is seem interesting? 

Part C

Reflection: Based on the research you've conducted today, what topics or ideas seem especially interesting for further investigation? What issues stand out in the sources you located? Can you identify any "gaps" in the sources you looked at (topics you find interesting that aren't being discussed much in the scholarship)? Were you able to identify any viable topics for a conference paper?


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