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Map Collections in Ekstrom Library: Home

7.5 Minute

Ekstrom has the current quadrangles for the 1:24,000 series for Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Older editions of the Kentucky quadrangles are also available. Print Indexes for this series are located on top of the map cases on the 4th floor.

Other USGS Series

In addition to the 7.5 minute series, the library also collects the following USGS series:

  • 1:62,500 (15 minute) for Kentucky -- discontinued
  • 1:100,000 (30 min X 60 min)
  • 1:125,000 (30 min) for Kentucky -- discontinued and incomplete
  • 1: 250,000 (1 degree X 2 degrees)

Along with the topographic series, the library has the USGS Geologic and Hydrologic Series maps location in the vertical file section of the map collection on the 4th floor.

  • Coal Investigations (C)
  • Circum-Pacific Maps (CP)
  • Geophysical Investigations (GP)
  • Geologic Quadrangles (GQ)
  • Hydrologic Investigation Atlases (HA)
  • Miscellaneous Investigation Maps (I)
  • Miscellaneous Field Studies (MF)
  • Mineral Resources Maps (MR)
  • Oil & Gas Investigation Charts (OC)
  • Oil & Gas Investigation Maps (OM)

Sanborn Maps - Kentucky Collection

Sanborn maps are large-scale plans containing data that can be used to estimate the potential risk for urban structures. Includes maps for many Kentucky cities and date from the 1890s to the 1950s. Full-text images of the maps are provided.

Other Maps

The remainder of the print map collection consists of monographic holdings arranged in Library of Congress classification order. These maps include older city road maps, state maps, and thematic maps.

The reference department also has a current collection that includes current travel and road maps, and maps for most major cities, larger Kentucky cities, and some international maps. There is also a binder containing current CIA base maps for most countries.

Don't forget that atlases contain many different types of maps, so always remember to search the library catalog for atlas holdings.


Claudene Sproles

Electronic Resources Manager and Government Documents Librarian

Ekstrom Library