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How to College: A Virtual Book Display for Students: Home

An all-in-one source for resources and library materials for UofL Students

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Welcome Cardinals!

It’s back to school time and to help everyone get off to a good start, we’ve gathered a collection of resources to ease the transition back into the hurley-burley of college life. Whether you are new the university or an academic pro, this guide can help you improve your life skills and ease the burden of navigating the college terrain.

University Resources

International Center

The center sends and receives students, scholars and faculty to and from more than 100 countries.

UofL Libraries

Access materials, get help with research and writing, find a study space, or just hang out and have a cup of coffee with friends. UofL Libraries is the spot to be before, between, and after classes.

Career Center

Get advice and support to succeed on your career journey.

Counseling Center

Free counseling and mental health resources for all U of L students

Writing Center

Get help you at any point in your writing process, from getting started with an idea, to working on a first draft, to revision and copyediting.

Get Pumped for the New School Year

Selfcare Guidance

We all hit hurdles in life that challenge our ability to achieve our goals and dreams. It's at these times we must learn skills to endure and overcome. Visit our Wellness Guide For Mental Health And Healing for tips and resources on maintaining a healthy mind when times get tough.

mental health and wellness guide