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GEOG 641: Research Design


Note: Links on this page will take you away. Keep this tab up by right clicking the link and opening it in a new tab. 

Writing a Litearture Review

  • Have you written a literature review before? What do you find most challenging?
  • What do you think the phrase “scholarship is a conversation” means?

Citation Tracking

A paper icon article, B paper icon references, C paper icon cited by.

  1. Start with a relevant/important article on the topic that has been published at least a few years ago.
  2. Look at the references and citations for more relevant articles that are important to the topic. Find those articles in the library's catalog. 
  3. Go to Google Scholar and find how many times article A has been cited. You can click on this number, see a list of all the citing articles, and "search within" the list to find more recent, relevant studies. 


Google Scholar result for article The emerging geographies of climate justice with cited by 136 highlighted.

Activity: Evaluating a scientific article

Directions: On your own or in pairs, skim the article "Using GIS-based spatial analysis to determine urban greenspace accessibility for different racial groups in the backdrop of COVID-19: A case study of four US cities" and answer the following questions for your assigned group number. 

Group 1: 

  • What are the research questions and/or objectives? 
  • Which references in the literature review do you think are most important?  

Group 2: 

  • What methods does the article use?
  • What are some of the study's limitations? 

Group 3: 

  • What is one of the study's key findings? 
  • How many times has this article been cited in Google Scholar?

Post-workshop survey