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Computer Engineering and Computer Science

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Patents can provide a wealth of information on:

  • Research that hasn't been published in scholarly literature
  • Background information on the invention itself and on the field of research pertaining to the patent
  • Company research activity that isn't published in any other sources
  • How a process, machine, design, plant, or the composition of matter was developed or how it works in a highly technical level of detail

Information included about a Patent can help you find other sources to support your research:

  • Sources cited by the patent
  • Sources citing the patent
  • Related or similar patents
  • Patents within the same classifications


UofL Bioengineering Patent: Computer aided diagnosis system for classifying kidneys


For more information check out the Patent Research Subject Guide.


Standards are an agreed-upon way of doing something.

Industry standards are used by producers of goods and services. They specify how an item should be made by providing exact measurements and specifications about the materials. 

For more information, check out the Standards Guide.